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This is a hard covered book bound in a variety of ways. At Design Bind we bind your books in the traditional method, by using a range of book cloths, printed and laminated paper or a wide variety of textured papers.

The text pages can be supplied as loose leaf and pre collated to be glue bound either using a hot or cold glue, pre folded sections can be sewn to create an even stronger and more durable book. A sewn book will generally open flatter and virtually eliminate the chance of a book falling apart. If sewing is preferred an imposition or lay up is required from Design Bind prior to printing.

At Design Bind we can provide one off books or production runs of a few hundred or more, we can produce any size of book by hand.

Do you require head and tail bands?

Is the spine square or round?

What outside covering do you wish the books to be?

Do you require foiling on the cover or spine?

Supplied printed covers need to be 20mm larger all round to allow for turn in. Covers need to be approximately 150gsm, then laminated for strength and durability

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